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 * Copyright (C) 2010 Simon Kagstrom, Thomas Neumann
 * See COPYING for license details
#ifndef __KC_H__
#define __KC_H__

#include "kc_elf.h"
#include "kc_file.h"
#include "kc_line.h"
#include "kc_addr.h"

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pthread.h>


enum report_sort_type

00033 struct kc_coverage_db
      uint32_t n_lines;
      uint32_t n_covered_lines;
      char name[256];

00040 struct kc
      const char *out_dir;
      const char *binary_filename;
      const char *in_file;

      unsigned long low_limit;
      unsigned long high_limit;

      const char **only_report_paths;
      const char **exclude_paths;
      const char **only_report_patterns;
      const char **exclude_patterns;
      const char *module_name;
      enum report_sort_type sort_type;
      unsigned int e_machine;
      int type;

      ptrdiff_t base_addr;

      GHashTable *addrs;
      GHashTable *files;
      GHashTable *lines;

      GList *hit_list;
      pthread_mutex_t pending_mutex;
      GList *pending_list;

      struct kc_coverage_db total_coverage;

00071 struct kc_data_db
      uint64_t elf_checksum;
      unsigned long n_addrs;

      struct kc_addr addrs[];

00079 struct kc_debug_backend


 * Return true if a filename is an ELF file.
 * @param filename the filename to lookup
 * @return 0 if the filename isn't an ELF, !0 otherwise
extern int kc_is_elf(const char *filename);

extern struct kc *kc_open_elf(const char *filename, pid_t pid);

extern void kc_close(struct kc *kc);

extern struct kc_addr *kc_lookup_addr(struct kc *kc, unsigned long addr);

extern void run_report_thread(struct kc *kc);

extern void stop_report_thread(void);

extern void kc_add_addr(struct kc *kc, unsigned long addr, int line, const char *filename);

extern void kc_read_back_breakpoints(struct kc *kc, const char *filename);

extern void kc_generate_webpage(struct kc *kc, const char *outdir);

extern void kc_read_db(struct kc *kc);

extern void kc_write_db(struct kc *kc);

extern void kc_db_marshal(struct kc_data_db *db);

extern void kc_db_unmarshal(struct kc_data_db *db);

 * Read the coverage database
 * @param dir the directory to read from
 * @param dst the structure to read into
 * @return 0 if the read was successful, < 0 otherwise
extern int kc_coverage_db_read(const char *dir, struct kc_coverage_db *dst);

extern void kc_coverage_db_write(const char *dir, struct kc_coverage_db *src);

extern void kc_coverage_db_marshal(struct kc_coverage_db *db);

extern void kc_coverage_db_unmarshal(struct kc_coverage_db *db);

/* Kernel */
extern void kprobe_coverage_run(struct kc *kc,
            const char *write_file, const char *read_file);

/* Ptrace - file and running PID */
extern int ptrace_run(struct kc *kc, char *const argv[]);
extern int ptrace_pid_run(struct kc *kc, pid_t pid);

int ptrace_detach(struct kc *kc);


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